The Guelph Historical Railway Association has a diverse collection of railway artifacts, ranging from rolling stock, paper items, hardware, lanterns, and everything in between. A long term goal of our organization is to set up a museum. We are always accepting new donations as well. Below is some of our collection.

Rolling Stock

Caboose 436994

436994 was built by the CPR in the 1920s. Our group has owned the caboose since 1994.

3216 was built in 1954 for use on CN’s Super Continental train. In 1965 it was rebuilt as a Snack Bar Coach

Baggage Car 60337

Built in 1950 for CNR, 60337 was part of the express fleet of baggage cars. It is awaiting restoration.

Caboose 4900

Built 1954 by the CPR, 4900 is one of the first steel construction cabooses used by the CPR.

Help us restore and maintain our equipment by donating to the GHRA!

Other Artifacts


Paper Artifacts

As a historical association, one of the things we strive to do is preserve delicate and important items of our past. One of the most vital aspects of preservation is…

Lanterns & Lighting

One of the most recognizable aspects of historical railways was the many different lanterns, lamps and lighting employed by the railways. Lighting was used for every aspect of railways. One…

CNR First Aid Kit

This First Aid Kit was was used by the freight service divison of the CNR, likely placed at a freight shed. This example is still fully intact with all contents…
6167 Plate

6167 Number Plate

One of the most exciting recent additions to our group is this number plate from locomotive 6167. When 6167 was selected to be the excursion locomotive for CN, it was…