Technical Details
Builder National Steel Car
Date Built 1950
Date Acquired 2006
Model Baggage Car
Original Number 80993
Current Number 60337
75 ft 6 in
Weight Approx. 58 tons


The Canadian National Railway was kind enough to donate this baggage car to the GHRA.

It was built by National Steel Car in 1950, orignally numbered 8990. It’s a lightweight Baggage car, and was used on passenger trains. This baggage car was built as part of an effort by Canadian National to modernize their equipment to compete with the automobile and air travel of the time.

Unlike a lot of passenger equipment, 8990 was never transferred to Via Rail in the 1970s, instead Canadian National retained ownership of it. It’s number was changed to 60337, and was converted to work train serivce as a tool car. 60337 was stationed in Northern Ontario for most of it’s life as a tool car. Eventually when CN retired the car, it was donated to our group.

60337 is currently awaiting the funds to restore the car back it it’s former glory.