The GHRA has an extensive photo collection of Guelph, and surrounding areas, in an effort to showcase Guelph history, we have created this photograph library to showcase some of our collection.

Below are albums of historical photos, modern photos taken by our group members, as well as past GHRA events.

Photo Library

Historical Photos

This is some of the GHRA's historical Photo collection. These photos are based largely on the Guelph Area.
October 4,1974 Excursion at Collingwood

Modern Photos

These are modern photos of the Guelph area, taken by members of our group.
GHRA Caboose At Nighttime

GuelphFest 175, 2004

To Celebrate Guelph's 175th anniversary, Guelph Hosted GuelphFest, part of the festivities at John Galt Park were organized by the GHRA, and included caboose tours, locomotive tours (provided by Ontario Southland Railway), handcar races and more.
Off to the Races

6167 Move to John Galt Park

On November 14, 2020 locomotive 6167 moved from it's location near Guelph Central Station to John Galt Park in Guelph. This move was necessary because of Metrolinx's plans to increase the size of the Guelph Central Station. The contract for the move was awarded to Greenspace group, with the actual move of the locomotive sub-contracted to Mammoet. 6167 was moved across the Metrolinx Guelph Subdivision, through the Guelph Metro hub, down MacDonell street where it was maneuvered into place at John Galt park, adjacent to the Guelph Junction Railway tracks. This is a collection of photos taken by group members capturing the move.
6167 Waiting On MacDonell