The Guelph Historical Railway Association found it’s start in 1991 with a small group of individuals aiming to preserve Guelph’s railway heritage. In 1994, we became a registered charity dedicated to preserving Guelph’s railway history. Specifically, the Guelph Junction Railway. As the railway industry shifted it’s focus numerous railway hubs, including Guelph, began to disappear or be reduced to fragments of what once was.  Guelph is unique in its heritage because the city owns its railway; the Guelph Junction Railway. Lobbied for and founded by prominent local businessmen in the 1880s. Learn more about the Guelph Junction Railway.

At that time the GHRA was founded, the future of the Guelph Junction Railway was at stake. Today, the Guelph Junction Railway is thriving and an important part of daily Guelph life. Our mission is to establish an operating railway museum to promote, teach and preserve the unique history of the City of Guelph’s owned railway by obtaining and restoring a collection of vintage railway equipment by providing interactive opportunities for the public through excursions and static displays.

We continuously work to grow and restore our collection. We go on display multiple times a year and work with other organizations to display our collection and educate the public. Long term, our goals are the establishment of a permanent railway museum in Guelph, as well as regular excursion trains in Guelph to showcase the history of Guelph’s railways.