As a historical association, one of the things we strive to do is preserve delicate and important items of our past. One of the most vital aspects of preservation is paperwork and paper artifacts. Paperwork, books and any other paper medium were and are the reason railways operate like a finely tuned clock.

While lanterns and lighting, or silverware convey a way of life and tools of the trade, paperwork provides context to it all. Direct connections to how the railways operated, and communicated with each other, passengers and every aspect of the railway. Items like rulebooks and timetables, show how railway operations were done.

In total, paperwork can give more information about the industry than anything else. It is crucial that historical documents and paperwork be preserved so we can see how life was like many years ago. The GHRA has an extensive collection of paperwork, something we would like to be able to display in the future.

Below is just a small amount of the different Items in our collection

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Time Tables


Rule Books


CNR Paperwork



Promotional Material