One of the biggest things to happen to the GHRA in quite some time. The Ontario Southland Railway has donated a new Caboose to the GHRA. We are forever thankful to the Ontario Southland for this donation.

Caboose 4900 was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway at their Angus shops in 1954. It is one of the earliest steel cabooses used by the Canadian Pacific. 4900’s original number was 437492. When built, 4900 had no electricity, it relied entirely on oil lamps for lighting, and a coal stove for warmth and cooking. Through it’s various modifications and rebuilds, 4900 has had electricity added to it, internal lighting, oil stoves and other modifications.

Other numbers 4900 has gone by:

  • Rebuilt as 438546 in 1967
  • Renumbered 438809 in 1968
  • Renumbered 438317 in 1973
  • Renumbered 434157 in 1975
  • Renumbered 434900 in 1978
  • Purchased by OSR in 1998, and numbered 4900

4900 has an interesting history, because it was used as an international caboose. It had a few modifications done to comply with the American Federal Railroad Administration. Modifications like adding a red light in the middle of the caboose, instead of the Canadian markers on the sides.
There will be quite a lot of work to do on 4900. Our immediate plans are to cover the windows and clean the debris from inside. Once we have done that, then we can begin assessing and creating our restoration plans. We are undecided on what era we want to restore 4900 to yet.

If you’d like to get involved and help us with restoring 4900, become a member of the GHRA!

See more about 4900 on our collection page here.