Over the years, 3216 has seen a number of electrical changes and modifications. These suited what was needed at the time, but for us represented a major challenge. Trying to understand what sytems worked what is a monumental task. Especially when no documentation on the systems exist or are easily accessible.

Our Canadian Car and Foundry expert and guru, Ted, who has years of experience working on these types of passenger cars undertook the task. He spent some time figuring out the system and removing a lot of the old electric controllers and breakers. Along with this he also designed and built, a modern and simple to understand electrical system for 3216. With everything routed through these new control panels, understanding the wiring and electrical components of 3216 has never been easier. Along with that, for the first time since we acquired 3216, the lights were turned on!

Before declaring 3216 surplus, Waterloo Central Railway installed an efficient and modern closed-loop heating system. This furnace uses the remaining steam heating pipes in the coach to provide heat. The heating system and the new electrical system installed by Ted makes this almost 70 year old coach a modern, safer and more reliable coach, ready to see many more years of service.

A look at our new electrics

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