Finding sources for parts.

An important aspect of our restoration is sourcing missing parts from the coach. One of the main, distinct interior features of Canadian Car and Foundry lightweight coaches was glass dividers between the smoking and non smoking section of the coach. 3216’s dividers were missing and to have new replacements made would have been in the thousands. Finding replacements are next to impossible as well, so working on a source, one of our volunteers went out to see if we could find some replacements.

When the Waterloo Central Railway declared 3216, our coach, surplus they also declared another car, 5504 surplus. A local Mennonite farmer got the coach, saving it from being scrapped. He moved it to his property where he has since converted 5504 into a small private museum of his antique tractor collection. With the help of Matthew from Waterloo Central our volunteer Drew was able to access 5504 to gather parts out of it. When arriving and seeing the pieces of farm machinery inside, hopes were low to find those glass partitions, but at the far end of the coach, with tires leaning on them, two perfectly intact glass partitions were still there.  Along with the glass, we were also able gain valuable parts like door handles, light brackets, the rare light-up number board from the windows, and the all important toilet paper holder.

To get these glass panels and parts is a huge bonus to our restoration efforts. A massive thank you to the owner of 5504 for allowing us to gather parts, Drew for getting them, and to Matthew for all his help, plus for helping carry the glass down the hill!

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