On November 14, 2020, locomotive 6167 was moved from its spot on Farquhar Street, adjacent to the Guelph Central Station to John Galt Park. This move was necessary due to Metrolinx’s plans to increase the size of the station.

The contract for the move was awarded to Greenspace Group, who subcontracted the moving portion to Mammoet. Greenspace Group will be finishing up the landscaping portion around the locomotive now that the move is over.

A map of the move, done by the City Of Guelph.

6167 was donated to the city of Guelph in 1967 by the Canadian National Railway in recognition of the 100th anniversary of Canadian Confederation. 6167 sat beside Guelph Central Station since then. In 2010 it moved from it’s original spot, now the Guelph Central Bus Terminal across the tracks to Farquhar street.

Many members of the GHRA were out and about to capture the move, and were able to take pictures from many different angles, capturing the event. Below is some photos, and to see more, look in our “Photo Library” page, here.